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  • Maciek (City / Country: USA )07/04/2017

    I received the Raketa ! am very excited of this , very unique, this is excellent Also I like the grey box with red inserts. Everything looks so nice quality. Thank you again and please continue making a great watches.

  • Olivier Barbaste (City / Country: Senden )13/03/2017

    Bonjour à tous, Après l'achat de cette montre je me suis fait attrapé par les gabelous allemands (et oui, j'y habite), malgré ce vilain commencement j'adore cette montre. Je la porte en toutes occasions.<br />Elle est unique (du moins sous mes latitudes) et très agréable.Le bracelet a une belle teinte brune avec une pointe de grenat, il est magnifique et a une forme propre, harmonieuse, avec cette montre.

  • David (City / Country: France )05/02/2017

    The watch&#039;s travel was fast and efficient, received 5/5.<br />Now spring, summer and autumn time will be start at 0 O&#039;clock.

  • Igor (City / Country: France )26/01/2017

    Marina, Thank you so much for the watch. It is very cool!

  • Pierre (City / Country: France )10/01/2017

    Third watch from the Petrodvorets Watches Factory ... Beautiful object, and very proud to wear this historical Big Zero reinterpretation. Perfect work !

  • Baptiste (City / Country: France )17/12/2016

    I bought the Amphibia as I was very attracted by the unique vintage look of it (I love vintage, I own Ralf Tech, Eterna Super Kontiki and a few others modern-retro watches). Purchase online and delivery by regular tracked post was very smooth, good customer support. The watch is really cool, I really feel in the 70s when watching it, maybe in a spy movie ;). Not only the look is great but it is really well crafted, above what I expected actually. It is definitely one of my favorite now, I can only recommend it to anyone looking for a truly unique vintage diver piece !

  • William (City / Country: UK )14/12/2016

    I would like to thank you and everyone who works at Raketa for creating a great range of watches. I have purchased a watch from your collection and I could not be happier with the quality of the product that I have received. During the last year and a half i have dropped 100lb in weight and made some big changes in my life, as a present to myself for this achievement I purchased my first Raketa watch. I feel a new release of confidence in the way that i look which i have never had before and a very large part of that is due to your watch.<br /><br />I often get compliments from people when i go out on my watch and the quality and craftsmanship is superb. It may seem insignificant to some people but i feel that your brand really has transformed my body image and that is something that i will be eternally great full for.

  • Test test (City / Country: Italy )04/10/2016

    Dear Marina...Today My Fantastic Pobeda in arrived...I would like to thank you 1 more time...By for now...hallo to Moskow...

  • Thomas (City / Country: Switzerland )01/10/2016

    The russian beauty has safely reached Switzerlan.Thanks to Marina for fast delivery ! :-)

  • Stefania (City / Country: Italy )14/09/2016

    The present e-mail just to give you confirmation that the watches arrived at my place today safe and sound!They work well and seem to have a really great manufacture!Thank you so much for the kindness and assistance shown from your and your colleague's side.

  • Alain (City / Country: Pau, France )19/07/2016

    As a mater of fact while working in Kazakstan back in 1998, it was the first time I saw a 24 hours dial watch. A russian watch. It was not until recently that I read a book from Sylvain Tesson (Berezina) where Raketa watch was mentioned and all my desire about a 24 hours watch came back in memory. Internet worked perfectly and I ended up by ordering the watch. Thanks to Madam Krilova Marina for helping as well as her efficiency.

  • Ali (City / Country: Canada )07/07/2016

    I got my watch and extra bands... Beautiful and elegant as expected <br />Greetings to the craftsmen of your factory!

  • Pierre (City / Country: France )17/06/2016

    Second watch from the Petrodvorets Watches Factory after my Pobeda First in Space.Great work for beautiful watch !Best regards to all Raketa's staff (from workers to director).

  • Anthony (City / Country: France )06/06/2016

    Dear Marina, I just received this magnificent watch this morning.This is well above what I expected.Thank you very much for all the work done by Raketa.I think I will come back to you quite soon.Best regards,Anthony

  • Nick (City / Country: USA )26/05/2016

    I am amazed with this watch! It is so well made. It is so beautiful. Thank you for your help and thanks to the master craftsmen and women who build these with such care and attention to detail. Such a great value for a watch of this caliber. WOW! I LOVE RAKETA!

  • Darla (City / Country: USA )06/04/2016

    Thank you very much. I&#039;m very happy with my new watch

  • Nat (City / Country: Germany )06/04/2016

    Marina convinced me to use Russian post instead of DHL. it arrived in 9 days. much cheaper delivery and acceptable arrival. great support from Marina &quot;Raketa&quot;

  • James (City / Country: London )06/04/2016

    Ordered Raketa Avtomat. Great watch, great support from Marina. Supprisingly used &quot;Russian Post) for 20 euros. arrived in 8 days.

  • James (City / Country: London )06/04/2016

    Ordered Raketa Avtomat. Great watch, great support from Marina. Supprisingly used &quot;Russian Post) for 20 euros. arrived in 8 days.

  • Matt (City / Country: USA )06/04/2016

    Marina, The watch arrived today safely. Thank you! Matt

  • Alex (City / Country: Wildermieming )03/04/2016

    I would like to thank the Russian people for standing for what is right. Best regards, Alex

  • Etancelin (City / Country: France )01/04/2016

    In fact I received it this evening coming from my work ;-) is perfect! Thanks to you.

  • Nicholas (City / Country: USA )25/03/2016

    I love the Amphibia and the movement. Hope we can be friends again some day. The sanctions and Obama are insane. You have lots of support here in America, it never gets reported by the media.

  • Pierre (City / Country: France )15/03/2016

    Madame, First I would like to thank you for the very quickly shipping of my watch. For the moment a Raketa is more expansive for me, but I am very proud to wear my Pobeda form the Petrodvorets Watch Factory. In France it is an uncommon and a beautiful object !Thank you for the service quality.I hope I will buy ma Raketa later.

  • Colin (City / Country: UK )10/03/2016

    Wow! Thank you so so much x x x Happy with the order, very pleased with you and the service your company provide. Looking forward to receiving the straps.

  • Peter (City / Country: Australia )06/03/2016

    The parcel has arrived! Probably the snow delayed flights. All working and correct.Peter.

  • Eido (City / Country: Japan )10/02/2016

    The watch and band arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thank you very much. I love it!

  • Mathieu (City / Country: France )05/01/2016

    Dear Marina, The watch arrived today and it really is an impressive piece of mechanic artwork!I'm very proud to own such a watch.Thanks for the leaflets which are very informative, the nice bag and the storage box which is also very pretty. These products are worth being very proud of! All the best to all at the PWF!

  • Barbara (City / Country: Italy )22/12/2015

    Dear Marina,thank you very much. I finally understood how to use the site.However, today, I received the ordered good.Thank you very much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Barbara

  • Lutz (City / Country: Swiss )04/12/2015

    On Thursday 03.12.2015 DHL did deliver my watch. I think, that's really quick....and what I have to say is, that in reality the watch looks even better than on the pictures :-) I wish you a lot of success with your web shop further on.Greetings from Zurich

  • Alexander (City / Country: France )05/09/2015

    I received yesterday my quite extraordinary 2623 Polar watch. Thank you! It is amazing. I am wearing it as I write this.

  • Bill (City / Country: UK )10/06/2015

    Dear Marina, We returned from holiday and found your parcel had arrived safely. Sarah is very pleased with the pendant. It is a lovely handcrafted item and distinctly Russian in a very attractive style We were also pleased to see Sarah’s photo and my comments you had placed on the Raketa web site.We both continue to enjoy the Raketa Ballerina watch. Its detailed design is excellent and unique in many ways. We send best wishes and good luck for continuing success to Raketa and the PWF and all who work there.Yours sincerely.Bill

  • Marie (City / Country: Nice , France )01/05/2015

    Tres belle montre Raketa Zvezda Avtomat, et une petite Pobeda pour mon fils. Tres bon service. Une dame m'a ecrit juste apres ma commande pour bien verifier mon adresse.

  • Marc (City / Country: Paris )06/04/2015

    Merci l'equipe Raketa! superbe j'ai ma Raketa. Toute mecanique. LivraISON en 6 jours, bien emballee, belle boite en bois vernis

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